IBM Releases N3400

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The old adage of faster, smaller, cheaper has been revived in the N series product line.  This week (officially) IBM released the information around the highly anticipated OEM re-brand of Netapp’s FAS 2040; the N34000.  This system has a small 2U form factor but delivers higher performance than its beefier brother the N3600.  If you want to see a full comparison of the three boxes, click here for more information.


IBM has three systems that round out the entry level or departmental storage platform.  The N3600, the N3300 and now the N3400.  All three are based on internal drives with some expansion to a few shelves as needed.  The N3600 comes with 20 internal drives and the smaller N3300 and N3400 comes with only 12 internal disks and can expand to a maximum capacity of 136TB.  There are two controllers that allow administrators to have a high availability solution for low cost.  This makes the system more attractive as it also supports FCP, iSCSI, CIFS and NFS all from one platform.

The N3400 does have a few things I want to point out:

  • 8GB of RAM (2x the amount in the N3600 and 4x the amount of the N3300)
  • 512 mb NVRAM
  • 2 integrated SAS ports and 8 total 1GBPS Ethernet port
  • PCI-e port for expansion

All of these help set this box up for an important role within your datacenter.  If you compare this system with other storage systems in the market, you find the new N3400 is well stacked and can compete even with larger mid-tier systems.  This box is ideal for our SMB clients who really nee the all in one system with the horsepower to keep up with a growing company.  The system is a long way from the first entry level system IBM decided to roll out, the N3700.  If the two were to be compared the N3700 would be a ‘Happy Meal’ and the N3400 would be a super sized 2lb Angus burger with fries and shake, maybe even an apple pie.
This new system is considered ideal for both Windows consolidation and virtual environments alike.  With the additional ports the system does leverage a larger life span as the new EXN 3000 SAS shelves are becoming more of the standard for the N series product line. The system on the other hand does not support 10GBPS cards or FCoE as the N3600 does. But as all N series systems support the same Data Ontap code, the robust system uses the same commands, interface and is bulit on the same technology as the other N60x0 and N7X000 lines.

Overall, this is an enhanced refresh of the exisitng N3300 with more ability to scale with currently technologies.  The performance will be more than the N3600 which begs the question of the need for the N3300/N3600 systems.  I suspect as Data Ontap 8 becomes general available from Netapp, there will be more entry level storage devices released.

For more information on the N3400 and all other N series related information, follow this link or contact your local IBM Storage Rep.


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